Dungeon & Dragons Notes

This is where im gonna post thing that happens that is in any game i play or DM that results on an argument between people and place i can complain.


2 thoughts on “Dungeon & Dragons Notes

  1. a DM i recently ran into. he said his game was player driven but when me and other people went to give him info on are character he wanted us to use the real world as are game history.
    then he decided to make it where are back story’s are based on real actions but not DND style.

    the basic point of this don’t be an ass to the players and run there and change things that are not broken. don’t make the players write a back story and make the player write it the way the DM wants it to be.

  2. played a game today.. there was few issues but not that big. the party kinda got to gather but then the party started running off to do there own things. some party members decided to start fire’s. one members decided to catch some woods on fire and doing so might have started a big war with elves.

    some other members decided to run into a invisible wall and saide that the enime was attacking.

    the Fay’ri decided to fly around town scaring a few people but not many. ended up falling down laughng for 1 hours and was stiff as hell from it.

    a few of the members decided to be really Stupped.

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